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For the upcoming Fall/Spring issue of Aontacht (Volume 4, Issue 2), we will be interviewing the main teacher at the Druidschool of Ireland, Con Connor. We hope you will participate in this interview by providing some thought provoking questions.

Con is an active Arch Druid of the Dark Moon Grove; a member of the Tribann Council of Ord na Drui; and the Holy Council of Sages of Celtia, in addition of being a member of a World Druid Order. Overall Con works with light and has a strong connection to the Spirit; through the elements of the land and its various sacred sites. An accomplished astrologer and tarot reader; his passion is teaching together with sharing and assisting others along their path. On a lighter note his fun side surfaces as he enjoys good entertainment and laughter.

You can find out about his work and all about the Druidschool at 

Take a look at what they are doing there and then send in any questions you might want to ask. This is an incredible time to ask your personal question to one who is heavily involved in many aspects of Druidry and Celticness.

I am sure you will have a number of things that you'd like to ask Con about his work to create a community based Druid school based on a distinctly Celtic/Gaelic path.

Now is a unique opportunity for you to ask a question and get a direct and personal response. Don't be bashful. Your questions and perspective are important to us and our entire community.

So, please email your thoughtful questions to us!

As always, questions are presented to the interviewee in an anonymous fashion, but we do ask that you keep them clean, professional and courteous. (We reserve the right to disregard submissions which do not follow those guidelines.)

Please do not "Reply" with your question submissions. Instead, email them directly to me at

Blessed Be!

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Thank you for your time and consideration



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