KameraKazi Shoots Con Connor - Part 1: Slí an Druí

About this video:

'A long way from the common perceptions of Pagans as devil-worshipping, earth-humping, human-sacrificing miscreants who live wild in the depths of our (dwindling) forests, Con Connor gives KKtv an insight into the life of a Druid in contemporary Ireland.

In the first of 2 parts, Con explains the fundamental beliefs of Celtic Druids and how he became a druid. He talks about his Druid School in Co. Roscommon, cosmic time and artificial time, and the sinister truth behind shamrocks.

As one of the only few in the world who continues these practices, this is a re-introduction to a shrouded part of our heritage.' KameraKazi TV

Playtime: 6.37 minutes

Part 2

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