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In all inland waterways of any size can be seen (with finer vision) the Water Guardians, gentle serpents of great size providing bridges for the Earth Elementals who cannot easily cross water. For large numbers of elemental spirits (billions in fact), crossing water presents no problem, but there are billions more, earth gnomes, forest faeries, cavern dwarves, mineral elementals and certain plant elves whose vital energies fade away as they approach a body of water, whether moving or still. To resolve this great problem, the Water Guardians have provided safe passage for all. Northern and Southern Serpents (in illustration) are permanently stationed at this Ley-line water crossing. Their bodies are linked together, combining their energies to neutralize the force of the water below, equalizing Earth and Aquatic frequencies.

The Ley-line passes directly through the serpent forms, bonding it’s energies to theirs, as can be seen in the illustration. As they are swept along by the power of the Ley-line, the massed elemental forms appear as ribbons of pastel rose and blue, firmly connected to their power source in moments of danger. At right front corner stands a large Mountain Faerie. Riding within their laser-like conveyance and now safely across the water, the elementals are carried at great speed t’ward distant junctions throughout the world, literally covering the planet as they move along the “lines”, healing and energizing the vast forests, woodlands, “seas of grass” and mountain meadowlands, bringing radiant life force to all they pass. Contrary to what you may have been told, not every gnome stays at home. There are Elf Tribes, Gnome Klans and large groupings of Faeries who oversee and care for wild animal species, wild birds, reptiles, amphibians, all species of insects (even the lowly earthworm), that must be ministered to regularly wherever they live. There are always the “Species Guides” who live with their charges, but the “travelers” work is vital, as their continuous journeying creates a “structure” wherein all is connected.

Water Guardians are stationed along all Earth’s Ley-lines wherever one must cross water. Smaller Water Guardians will always be present in the gem arterials and metallic mineral deposits where rivulets and splashing streams keep everything sparkling and receptive to passing Earth radiations. These old “Reliquaries of Wisdom”, the Water Guardians, will also be found in underground waterways, cavern lakes and large Inner Earth rivers, many of which never reach the surface. Instead, they flow through the supernal, truly magnificent lands of the Inner Kingdoms populated by advanced races both human and elemental.

The small, very old village church was built directly on a Ley-line conjunction, as were all the temples and sacred structures before it, in precisely the same spot, back into the deepest past. The enormous Dragon Sentinel resting on the high mountain range in the distance acts as an “earth force capacitor”, his every movement measured and limited by the Solar Being at his side, thus preventing any Earth shifts or landslides. To the untrained human eye, the dragon is invisible. There are only the high, craggy grey mountains, the small village with it’s old church and the quiet valley with the large creek flowing through it to the south, nothing more. If the local farmers and craftsmen could, even for a moment, be gifted with Faerie vision to see what surrounds them, they would be terrified, not understanding any of it, and too traumatized to move or run away unless they come from many generations of folks familiar with Nature Peoples and their ways.

The third dimensional Creek is, in the fourth dimension, a large deep river. The villagers across the water do not know this alternate world exists. To the East of the river lies a tiny community of Faerie Ascetics. It is invisible to all but a few old country women and their families who have always followed the “Ancient Path” and do not speak of what they know. At right front corner is a large Mountain Faerie. The rushing river is the River Apres. You’ll not find it on any map. Because the villagers are not blessed with finer vision, there is only an old fast running creek which often dries up in the summer heat.

When viewing the illustration, visualize yourself in the South looking toward the North. The Faerie community is on the East side of the Creek/River and the Old Village with the church is on the West side in the illustration. The head in the foreground is that of the Northern Serpent Nakraldoori who has moved down the river to join his sister from the south, Saalmeenah.






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