The Path of Druidry; Walking the Ancient Green Way

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Author: Penny Billington

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

ISBN Number: 0738723460

Publication Date: 8 July 2011

Reviewed by: Lucy Cole


"Any book on Druidry faces the challenge of being simultaneously respectful to tradition and relevant to the present. Penny Billington's The Path of Druidry responds brilliantly to this challenge . . . An engaging and readable introduction to Druidry for today."

John Michael Greer, Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America and author of The Druidry Handbook

"Druidry root and branch offers the best kind of guide to being a Druid today: it is wise, compassionate, friendly, amusing and ecologically sound. It is fully aware of the past (mythical and historical) while dwelling in the present and looking to the future of a world that is worthy of more respect and celebration than is common today. All of this is offered at the right time and in the right blend. This is a powerful but easily digested potion that will lead to an increase of delight for those who seek to be companions among those whose journey is taking them back to intimacy with the living world.”

Graham Harvey, Reader in Religious Studies for The Open University and author of 'Listening People, Speaking Earth: Contemporary Paganism'

"At last - a  really down to earth book about the practice of Druidry from someone who not only knows the material well is actually a practicing Druid!  Penny Billington leads seekers to the druidic groves where the spirits of the land, the elements of nature and  the compassion of the cosmos can support their spiritual practice."

Caitlín & John Matthews, authors of Walkers Between the Worlds, Celtic Spirit and The Druid Source Book.

"I loved this rich and intuitive approach to the study of modern druidry. Penny’s book is full of wisdom and insight, the comprehensive course accompanied by beautiful visualisations and carefully crafted inspirational exercises. There is much to think about and much to treasure here and I am sure I shall return to it again and again."

Barbara Erskine, best-selling author of Lady of Hay and Time’s Legacy  

"Penny guides the reader into the sublime world of the Druid with panache, elegance and deep soul-filled passion for the tradition. Combining thought, theory and powerful practical exercises in a highly accessible format; this book informs, instructs and entertains. Unequivocally the best book on Druidry written this century."

Kristoffer Hughes, Head: Anglesey Druid Order, Author of “Natural Druidry".

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