Microwave Boiled Water's Affects On Plants Experiment

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Awens to All:

Here is my 5th Annual Report on what I experimented with during this Season in Landscaping.  It is based on an email that I got from a well meaning acquaintance that showed how giving a Plant with Water that had been Boiled in a Microwave Oven Dies in comparison with another Plant given Ordinary Tap Water.  The email even had a link to a website that post information on how Microwaving Food or Water somehow reorganizes the Molecular Structure of the Food or Water so that is loses a lot of its Life Sustaining Properties.

I believed this email and reacted foolishly and threw out my Microwave Oven and I forwarded a copy of the email to my Employer, suggesting that this affect could be used somehow to enhance the effectiveness of Roundup, but they turned down trying it.

And then I saw a segment from the TV Program ‘A Thousand Ways To Die’ where some Retired Model, who wanted a Cheap Version of Botox, found a posting on the Internet saying that Injecting Corn Oil into you Flesh will act like Botox.  So she injected herself with Corn Oil and the Oil ended up getting Circulated in her Tissues, Clogging Her Heart and her Dying.

So that was when I started thinking that the email I got might have been some kind of Bogus Information that is being circulated around the Internet, so I decided to replicate the experiment portrayed in the email I got.

So in April of 2011, I got a couple of Violet Plants from the Otter Co-op and put them on the top of my refrigerator and recorded what happened with I gave one Water that had been Boiled in a Microwave Oven, the other Normal Tap Water.  I had painted a White ‘M’ for Microwaved Water Plant, which is the Plant that will get Microwaved Water only during the experiment.

Here is the First Picture of the Two Plants:




I then got a friend to Boil some Water in her Microwave Oven and I started the Experiment on the 5th of May 2011.  I started out by giving each Plant a Shot Glass of Water per day.  From May 5th to May 10th, I gave each Plant a Shot Glass of each day until May 11th, when Water leaked out of the bottom of their Pots and Overflowed the Saucers that I was using, so I started giving them Water every two days instead of everyday.  It was on May 9th that I painted a ‘N’ on the other Plant that was getting Normal Tap Water.

I then Watered the Plants on May 13th, May 15th, and May 17th and there continued to be No Changes to the Plants.

Then on May 19th, I Watered the Plants and then put them out on the Balcony to get some Natural Sunlight.  I then put them out on the Balcony on May 20th for Natural Sunlight without Watering them.  This is how they looked like after the two days out on the Balcony:


Then on  May 21st, I got a Special Grow Bulb to install into the ceiling of my Kitchen so that I could keep them bathed in Growth Promoting Light all day long.

Then on May 23rd, I decided to start taking Pictures of the Plants every 3rd time that I watered them.  I Watered them on May 25th and May 27th.  I took a Picture of the Plants on May 27th:


On May 29th, I put them out on my Balcony for Natural Sunlight and then on May 31st, I put them out on my Balcony just before going to Work and when I was at Work in Ladner, it started to Rain in Ladner, so I worried that my Experiment might be Contaminated.  But it didn’t Rain too much in Ladner City and when I got Home, the Plants seemed to have been Shielded from any Rain.

So to make sure that whatever Contamination that may have occurred on May 31st, I did not Water them again for several Days.  On June 4th, I put the Plants out on the Balcony and then Watered them on June 5th and took their Pictures:


I Watered them on June 8th and noted that Two Leaves on ‘N’ Plant were looked a bit Sick.  When I Watered them on June 10th, there were then Several Leaves on ‘N’ Plant looks Diseased.  The Plants were next Watered on June 12th and ‘N’ still looked unwell:


The Plants were then Watered on June 14th, June 17th and June 20th with a Picture Taken on June 20th.  There were no noticeable changes between the past.  The Plants were then Watered on June 24 and June 27th with a Picture taken on the 27th showing some Leaves on the Left beginning to Wither:



I then realized that ‘N’ might be looking Sickly as I might have been Over Watering them a bit too much, so I did not Water the Plants again until July 5th and noted that ‘N’ Plant was already looking a bit better.  I then Watered them on July 11th with a Picture Taken and then I watered July 16th, July 19th, and June 23rd with another Picture Taken:



I then Watered them on July 27th and July 30th.  I took another Picture on August 2nd when I Watered them.  I then had only enough Microwaved Water left for Watering them on August 7th and August 10th and noted that both Plants still looked perfectly normal:

So I concluded that Microwaved Water is not only Harmless for other Plants, but actually made the ‘M’ Plant grow a bit healthier than the ‘N’ Plant.

But to be sure about this result, I am looking forward to redoing this Experiment at least Two More Years in order to make sure that Microwaved Water definitely Not Harmless.

Also, this result shows that there is definitely a lot of Bogus Information floating around on the Internet.


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Re: Microwave Boiled Water's Affects On Plants Experiment

It was still a good idea to throw out your microwave oven. Shielding has improved, but there is always what's known as "leakage" radiation.


There is no known logical reason why microwave radiation should have any lasting impact on a water molecule so the result of your investigation really comes as no surprise.


Every structure, large or small, has a natural frequency of vibration associated with it due to its particular size and shape. When water molecules are heated by microwaves they are heated by means of molecular friction (about 2.5 billion cycles or vibrations per second), as opposed to conventional radiant heat such as that produced by the sun, fire or a stove heating element which is gradually absorbed by all materials to one degree or another regardless of any natural frequency of vibration. When any structure (or molecule) is exposed to vibrations of that particular frequency it will begin to resonate with it and harmonically vibrate at its natural frequency in response, while other structures (or molecules) of different sizes and shapes nearby remain largely unaffected. That’s why you can boil water in a styrofoam cup in a microwave oven without melting the cup, microwave frequencies resonate only with the water molecules natural frequency.   


So, there is no obvious danger presented by water that has been exposed to microwaves, but there is a definite danger presented by microwaves to living tissue composed largely of water (animals, plants and even microscopic forms of life) in the damage that can be done at the cellular level by shaking up the intracellular water molecules at 2.5 billion times a second.


Cell phones have recently come under scrutiny for this reason. There is a tiny magnetron (microwave generating device) in every cell phone that is very much like the one in the oven, and there is convincing evidence accumulating now that suggests an increased risk of brain tumors, and even tumors that correspond to the location on the body where the cell phone is generally kept for those who make use of them. In view of the mounting evidence, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to speculate that other less noticeable physiological and even neurological effects may also be taking place. On the whole, since no reliable data is available as to what constitutes “safe levels” of exposure, it seems like a good idea to minimize exposure to microwaves as much as possible.


You might even want to throw out your cell phone. Made with slave labor and emitting disease producing microwaves.... Now that's what I call bad vibrations!