War, Women, and Druids

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Author: Philip Freeman

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN Number: 0292725450

Publication Date: 1 Dec 2002

Reviewed by: cuardai


Synopsis: This book draws on the first-hand observations and early accounts of classical writers to piece together a detailed portrait of the ancient Celtic peoples of Europe and the British Isles. Philip Freeman groups the selections (ranging from short statements to longer treatises) by themes–war, feasting, poetry, religion, women, and the Western Isles. He also presents inscriptions written by the ancient Celts themselves. This wealth of material, introduced and translated by Freeman to be especially accessible to students and general readers makes this book essential reading for everyone fascinated by the ancient Celts.

Review: This is a very short book that puts together materials from classical writers and even eyewitness accounts about the Celts. The categories discussed in this book are war, feasting, poetry, religion, women and the western Isles as well as a final chapter that discusses inscriptions from the ancient Celts. It is also indexed and has a further reading and references section. The categories make it very easy for people to go directly to what they want or just read the whole book through.

Although the book isn’t as extensive as the Heroic Age (which is similar but has WAY more material) it is still a good quick reference to have in your library.

War, Women, Druids,
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