The Wilderness: A Druid's Journey

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'A presentation by my husband and soul mate, Brian y Tarw Llwyd. Done as a Power Point Presentation, so please watch in full screen mode in order to see the proper perspective. Music copyrights owned by Oreade Music-all rights reserved. I cannot thank my dear friend JT enough for all his help and expertise in figuring out how to convert this into video format. JT: it's not perfect, I know--but thank you so much for all your help!'...MoodyJill

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Re: The Wilderness: A Druid's Journey

Imagine my surprise to find this here.  It is a bit embarrassing that I didn't think of it first. *blush*  Anyway, this falls into the general category of semi-autobiographical creative non-fiction.  I hope you find something here to inspire your spirit.


Brian y Tarw Llwyd