Genius Loci and the C.A.N.N. (Cyber Active Neural Network).

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I believe that it is very important now as in our ancient past for any Pagus soul, Druid or not to stay plugged into the GENIUS LOCI (the spirts of a place).

Yet today Gala is ringed with a new Electronic Web covering the whole planet and a very like number of Human Souls interacting with it on a daily bases. This creates a a great dual neural network , with the Humans a as a distributed consciousness and its servers as the distributed subconsciousness.

This network with its companion Wireless radating nodes is a very powerful overlay to the GENIUS LOCI. More Powerful for most of the souls in this plane of existence. One they also all use it, two the level of RF nodal power that reaches them is perhaps thousands of Db. Higher than Gala's GENIUS LOCI. Also most have a Electronic form of the Magick Wand in theirs hands interacting with that local power node a great deal of the time.

This (CANN) “Cyber Active Neural Network” can and I believe is being used in a subconscious RF subliminal mode, in much of the world. By powers that do not seek the Freedom of Soul that almost all Pagus / Druid folk do.

So in is also very important to not only block shall we call it the negative energies of the CANN but to also feedback Positive Magick / Psychic energies into it. Also to act as a conductor or conduit to ground the CANN to the GENIUS LOCI so that Mother may also feed forward life awareness and harmony to all Souls. The Age of needing Tin foil hats has arrived at last.

The Druid King