Autumn Equinox Celebration 2012 Prehistoric Calendar

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'Today at 08:00 am - Celebration of Autumn Equinox - (astro arqueolgia) In the Solar Calendar Rock Sanctuary of Stone Cabeleira (Pedra da Cabeleira) - Chãs Village, Mount of Drums, Vila Nova de Foz Coa - Portugal -

They had no clocks or calendars, as we have today, but nonetheless failed to tell when one season ended and another began. Stood huge blocks or take advantage of other existing and adapted them to their astronomical observations. Making them but true monuments, also their places of worship and healing. Many fell by the wayside or been destroyed. However, others remain in various parts of the world: the most famous is Stonehenge, and Portugal, the temples of the sun, the mass of the Drums, Chãs village, where they celebrated the cycles of the year and evoked bygone days -- google translator from Portuguese to English...Pedraquebole

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