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Does anyone here live in Australia?  I would like to build relaionships with other Druids in Australia.

If so please respond, It would be my pleasure getting to know you.

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Re: Australia

I am over in Perth, Western Australia.


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Re: Australia

Thankyou Astrocelt, This is a great help to me, wow what alot of content to sift through.

Many Thanks


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Re: Australia

Hello Baldecat,

Although I'm not in Australia I do have close ties. There are a number of Druids here spread out across the continent withn the community. Some links on on this website which may be helpful to you.

The Melbourne Grove, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Beltane In Melbourne, Australia - Southern Hemisphere Native Broom in Flower
Australia has about seventy-five species of bat. Of those, Victoria has....

Caer Australis  Caer Australis is located in Sydney, Australia.

Wyverne from Australia Druidic Dawn Community interview with Wyverne from Australia, previously published in Aontacht, Volume 3 Issue 1 Summer - Winter ...

Rafayard from South Australia Druidic Dawn Community interview with Rafayard from South Australia, previously published in Aontacht, Volume 4 Issue 1 - Summer/Winter

Druidry in Australia. Video

11th Southern Hemisphere OBOD Assembly Video

Order of Obsidian  The Order of Obsidian from Western Australia, whose aim 'to promote the Esoteric Arts through group training' is ... Celtic, Druid, Druidry, Order of Obsidian,

Grove of Caer Brigid  The Grove of Caer Brigid is located in Victoria, Australia.

Druids Down Under purpose of exploring Druidic spirituality in Australia.

SerpentStar 'Newsletter for members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in the
Southern Hemisphere. It is by and for members of OBOD and people
interested in Druidry as a way of life.

If you look through the directory of members it is possible to private message the community members living in Oz.