Of Prophets and Druid's Robes

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"And the words of the prophet are written on the subway walls and tenement halls" Sounds of Silence


By the Adder and the Ley, from every stone on the way. How Silence screams these days to deaf Minds.

I was born in a Prophets Robes and as a young child walked many the night. In the future like an invisible specter of no light.

Watched both Man and Nature rain Death and Destruction of horrible proportions on the lands of Man. Visions no Druid Child could ask of their oh so much younger parents to explain or understand.

Sadly as I grow older I learned the signs I had seen were all correct for some of Man's worst madness and Nature's cruel cleansing.

And yes I have lived to see many of them come true, studied the N.B.C. ways of War with the madness of the Marines.  Lost count of body bags and the Souls. That just a day before walked tall and upright. Full of hope and Death's black light.

So the bitter question I must ask.  In this Moot of our ancient past.

As a Druid do you honor the Prophets Robes and let his crimson words fall from you bitten lips?

Post note:

The line of the old haunting song reminded me, as I look into Druid groups that together number in the thousands. 
So many Druids Rapping and Yapping in Muddy Moots.
That where are those that have ridden the futures boats?
There are no Prophets among us, Shaking loudly the sacred Bell. 
Bloody words dripping from their bitten lips as in their dreams they had tried not to scream .  
Lest the Future hear and snuff them out as Fates Sisters nail them on the Wheel of Spin. 
Or am I wrong and Druids are no longer Prophets ?
Yes I can think of one or two at the New Year take a spin, but nothing that  brings Kings and Princes on blended knee.  To honor and hear a ragged Druid under the old Oak tree.
TDK / The Druid King

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Re: Of Prophets and Druid's Robes
The first over 50 year old Prophetic Vision / Dream is up on the Subway Walls. 
The Green Dream

Come join us if you dare!
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Or my Blog: http://druid-prophets-subway.blogspot.com/2013/04/on-such-nuclear-winters-day.html


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Re: Of Prophets and Druid's Robes

The Sounds of Silence fill the Prophets Moot,  and Sun has risen with nothing new to quote.. 

Much like in the Ice of Ages how the ancient Druids wrote. 


Today the Oak is without Leaves.

And the trunk has no deep roots. 

Yet except for Bling most Druids have no Boots.


Still  the snow is deep and the Earth cries in pain.

The Old Gods fold their wings and look down in shame.

am a Druid, I am an architect, I am a prophet, I am a Adder"
declaration of a Druid)

But that was before the Worship of demon's Iron and the fall of the Fae.

Yet both the Gods and the Earth long for yesterday.