The Experiment:

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There has been so much heated Moot moka (in Face Book) about who is a Real Druid and who is not.
That I decided to do an experiment. As so many claimed that the Title must not come from within but from without.
Of this I disagree with this but still see value in it.
So like the Man once said I can not tell you what Art is but I know it when I see it.
I too have always felt this way about other Druids.
I care not for their Bling and Badges, Rank and Title from organizations they have served. 
But look deep into the Moot at their words and bell they ring.
And then sometimes a peek at the Soul to see the Oaks ancient rings or that tannin flows in the blood.
Of these I have stared here to Salute as Druid for all to see.
Feeling that once I broke the ice surly others felt many that they answered Druid be.
And like winters Flu it would spread and many would call someone Druid Blue.
Well it seems I was wrong and off the lips or pen calling another Druid just will not do.
A footnote: Sometimes there are those I see as Druid True, but are still asses through and through.