Beltane in inner-city Melbourne, Australia - Southern Hemisphere


I live in an inner-city suburb, but fortunately I live close to the Yarra River, so we are blessed by living next to a green-belt very close to the city. My observations are an inner-city perspective.

The mornings are becoming warmer, though they are still cool at 07:05am when I catch a train. The days are mostly warm and becoming longer. The whispers of summer are in the winds. The nights are still cool, though sometimes balmy.

I have noticed lots more birds in the last few weeks, including cockatoo and rosella. We are woken each morning to a symphony of birds, which is a blessing as we live so close to the city.

A family of possums live in our southern neighbours back garden and use our back fence to get to the birch tree in our northern neighbours back garden. I can hear sounds indicating baby possums, and I think they will be ready to travel to the birch tree on their mother’s back soon.

Our street
Our street is full of bottle brush trees dripping with their red flowers. Many houses are covered in flowering wisteria, and jasmine. The children are playing in the street again after being indoors for so long during winter.

Our garden
Our garden was revived by the winter rains after our hot and dry summer and autumn. And now with the spring rains and warmer weather, it’s flourishing, and spurting out new life everywhere. The oak, maple and birch have grown their first leaves, the grapevines are spreading over the pergola, and the geranium flowers look beautiful. The box hedge needs trimming every few weeks, and the buds on the bay are only a few days off bursting open. The olive tree has lots of baby olives, and the conifer is covered in new growth that is like fine glistening confetti. Our garden is always beautiful to me but it always seems particularly beautiful at Beltane.

by Debra Annear

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