The Druid and the Child

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An old Druid was ask once long ago by a young person what the meaning of life was, should he become famous and remembered and so many other questions of youth. 

He smiled and said walk with me for a day.

Ok I will gather supplies the young said.

No said the old Druid just a ember pot for the fire.

So off into the forest they went. Soon the young said I am hungry and the old Druid smiled as he headed for a very old large Oak tree . Taking off his worn cloak he said gather small fallen branches and dry leaves and put them in my cloak and it was done. Then he showed the young one how to select the best acorns and they gather a large number. All was rolled up in the cloak. 

Now they went to a small spring were the old Druid reached in a took out some rocks. One was a bit bowl shaped another seemed to fit right in it and the last was thin and flat.

Then he went to an old fire circle and took out a hand full of ashes. Remembered he said with a chuckle, blew the ashes out of his hand into the wind. Who remembers the wind child?  Now he said bring the ember pot as he unrolled his cloak and stated preparing a fire with careful selection of twigs and leaves in layers.

Taking the pot he dropped in the still hot embers and gently blow the fire to life.

Then he said to the child select the best three acorns from the rest and it was done. Save these he said. Now he showed the child how to cut the lightest part of each acorn off and put into the bowl shaped rock . Tossing the rest to a near by bird that was singing in the bush. Waste not but share he said.

As the fire was going good now he put the flat rock on top of it and said each thing has its place and use.

Then he showed how to grind the acorn bits into a fine flour and said somethings but be transformed to our needs.

Then with a full of spring water he made a simple batter and put the acorn cakes on the now hot stone to cook. Patience he said as they waited for them to be well done one side.

Use care he said as he turned them with a odd old stone knife he had. Soon they were done and as soon as they cooled both ate. Take only what you need he said.

Now he handed the child the empty ember pot and said save the biggest and hottest coal you can from the ashes of the dying fire.

Keep the spark alive for tomorrow he said as he put out the fire and put the stones bach into the spring. Leave nature as you found it he said.

Picking up his cloak and telling the child to bring the ember pot and the three best acorns with them as they headed back. Along the way he pointed to old and fallen trees that they had passed on there way. Stopping to plant and acorn in each spot he said observe and help when you can for you are the God of the future.

Now they were back to childs village as night began to fall . Any questions he ask of the wise young child. The child's eyes turned bright with Awen and said Master for I am you anew. 

Smiling the the old Druid said in a loud voice this child is your Druid now I shall not walk this way again. Then after slipping the stone knife in the child's small hands he put this cloak over the young shoulders turned back to the dark woods and was never seen again. 

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