My first novel in the Celydon Saga is published

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Hot off the press, "House of Glass," the first book of the series I am writing about a teen girl living in a society of the future with a twisted history where the Druids were never defeated by the Romans.  Druids rule, and in the Yorkshire town of Nether Poppleton, there is a girl about to find herself suddenly in the midst of the secret world of the druids.  Emily, the protagonist, was raised Byzantine by her uncle and aunt, never knowing the real story of her parents or the mysterious grandfather who disappeared somewhere in Tibet.  A trunk in the attic, strange happenings and brownies, all lead her to the realization of who she really is.  Faced with two choices for school, each frightening, Emily must decide her course -- a decision that will affect not only her life but the lives of many others.


Think of Harry Potter meets Jane Austen with a little more humor. (And if Hermione was the main character perhaps.)

Suitable for children of all ages -- including adults --- shhhhh!

 Buy it now on in Kindle or paperback formats.  And after you read it, drop me a line to discuss what you think.  

House of Glass cover

You can also visit my author's blog on Tumblr, The Maertens Files where you can ask questions and keep up with my writing adventures.

Please buy a copy for yourself and one for any teens you know who liked Harry Potter (or even read it and didn't like it...).  This is about real magic, not fantasy.  It is the world we druids really live in.  Well, with airships, top hats, and steam cars and a lot less electronic technology. Wink 





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