Aontacht Magazine-Memories, Lives & Dreams

Aontacht Magazine Spring/Autumn 2014 issue of the Aontacht Magazine
for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres -- 'creating unity in the community'
brought to you by Druidic Dawn and the Aontacht Production Team!

39 pages, graphically illustrated, complete with a feature Q & A Interview with Dr Gwilym Morus:  based in Mid Wales at Machynlleth. Gwilym specialises in Medieval Welsh poetry and the Welsh Bardic tradition, Together with presenting an online course delving into the Symbolic Keys of Welsh Mythology.  Dr Gwilym Morus is also an accompanied musician in the modern sense, but also has explored the court bardic poet medieval performance and delivery.

The theme this solar quarter is Secrets Memories, Lives & Dreams, with articles accompanying articles which explore this theme.  The Aontacht Magazine is being presented from this neighbourhood, and shared with the wider Druid,  Earth Based and Celtic Spiritual Internet Community.

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Secrets Memories, Lives & Dreams, Dr Gwilym Morus
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