Miss Cleo Passes Away

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The Renowned & Controversial TV Psychic Personality Miss Cleo has just Passed Away:
She would get on late night TV and implore you to Phone her line for a "Free" Tarot Card Psychic Reading.
The Scam was that when you called, you would be put on Hold for about Half An Hour for $2.50 per minute.
When the FCC found out about her Scam and that her Jamaican Accent was Fake, they sponsored a Class Action Law Suite to get her off the Air.
One of the reasons I think I have ended up Banned from various Pagan Groups is because I always do my Tarot Divinations for FREE which cut off other Fraudster Divination Artists from being able to bilk their Scam Victims.
So this is was one of those Fraudster Psychic Scam Artists that I am glad to see is finally Off The Air For Good.