Bobcat's E-Book "What Is Druidry"?

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In 2008, I came upon this E-Book that was Linked to the High Arch Druid Emma (Bobcat) Restall-Orr personal Website and I got to read it through and it had some things that I incorporated into my Book Of The Law essay.
I decided to look it up recently in order to give it a Good Read over again and the Link to it on Bobcat's Personal Website did not work.  So I sent her an Email asking what had become of it.
She said she had given it to The Druid Network and to Inquire about it there and when I posted an Inquiry onto their Private Members Only Social Forum and the Arch Druid Bish posted a Link to it.
It is actually a Free Download for all whether You are a Member of not.
Here is the Link:
There is now a lot of Good Pictures in it now and Bobcat has added some extra comments and while reading it over, I found some things in it that I did not remember finding in it before.
For one thing, on Page #9, Bobcat points out that all the 3 Major Monotheistic Religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all were Originally Founded in the Middle East which is something that had never occurred to me before.
It is sort of Strange that the 3 Major Monotheistic Faiths, over which there have been so much Wars, Discord and Fighting, were Founded in One Particular Region of our Earth.
So Please Feel Free to Read Over and Download this E-Book "What Is Druidry" by Emma (Bobcat) Restall-Orr.