The Druid's Rede

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Have not been out to Druidic Dawn, for several years. So nice to see you made it over that very hard spot.

Perhaps some of you will find this of use?


"We are Druids.

We are the caretakers of the Earth.

We feed the hungry, heal the sick or injured and aid the despondent.

Whether Human,  Animal, Insect, Reptile, Bird, Fish or Plant.

This is the Mandate, our purpose.

We are the nexus of all living and non-living beings.

By the will of the Earth we exist.

By our will the Earth flourishes."

by Druidess Janice Scott-Reeder King  Druidic of  "How to be a Druid Virtual Church and Grove" April 20,2015

Copyright Janice King 04-20-2015

TDK / The Druid King (aka George King)


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Re: The Druid's Rede

Awens to druidking:

I Love Your Posting.

But here is an OBOD Poster that I found in 2004 that has similar sentiments:


I hope you Enjoy these Sentiments!   :)