The Woodhenge

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Not too far away just to the NE of The Stonehenge is another not so well known Henge known as The Woodhenge.

It was discovered from a 1926 Aerial Survey Photograph taken from the Plane by a WW1 Victoria Cross Winning Pilot Squadron Leader Gilbert Insall:

Here is the Wikipedia Listing for the Woodhenge:

And here is an interesting URL on the History of the Woodhenge which includes the 1926 Photo that Gilbert Insall took:

And here is 1926 Photo:

And here is a Photo of what the area looks like today:

Click here to view the original image of 650x444px.

Looks to me that there was some Farmer whose Homestead was practically on top of the NW Corner of the Woodhenge Site. Present Photo shows that there are No Buildings there anymore so I guess the Farmer must have gotten fair market value for that bit of Land and then had to pull down his House and Rebuild on another part of his Farm Land.

They have made Observations that the Woodhenge was also oriented to catch the Sun Rays of the Summer and Winter Solstices in a similar fashion as Stonehenge. 

The reason that Woodhenge seemed to Disappear over several Millennia is that its Wood Posts Rotted Away and had to remain Hidden until 1926.

Here is an Artists Depiction on what Woodhenge may have looked like back in Neolithic Times:

I wish I had of known of Woodhenge being there in 2006 as I would have made my way over to check that out during one of the days I was at Old Sarum Camping Park. I could have hoped the Bus going there and had a days Walkabout.