Sacred Landscapes


What This Image Means To Me...: In the outback of the Northwest Territories in Australia is a pebble or stone which rises up from the Earth. The rock can be read like any book held within any library resonating with stories from the beginning of time. A rock which draws people from around the world together with a longing to return, and a sacred place on which the Summer Solstice rites occur in December, by the elders and keepers of that knowledge.

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Not if the strip miners get there.

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Hey!  That is the Rock that Paul Hogan points to in Croc Dundee and says that those Mountains have been there for 6 Million Years and will still be there 6 Million Years after we are all gone, so there is no point in Arguing over who owns them as that is like a bunch of Fleas Arguing over who owns the Dog that they Live on.




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A very special place for the Great Dragon to Sleep.

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 Wonderful , would love to visit someday !