Woodhenge, England


What This Image Means To Me...: Woodhenge is an interesting archaeology site; some might refer to it as a 'Sacred Place' within Druidry constructed by the ancestors during the Neolithic Period. Very close to an enclosed embankment site of Darrington Walls from a later period. Within this space, for me there is a sense of timelessness and continuity stretching over thousands of years of human habitation within a forever changing landscape which is shaped by human beings over time.

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Woodhenge, which wood?

Difficult question, unless there was some wood remains in the post hole pits recovered at the time. To answer this, one will need to go back to the original archaeological report undertaken by Mand Cummings between 1926-9 when the original excavation occurred. If its any help the present evidence suggest this site was constructed on an open grassland, so any timber posts would have been sourced for somewhere else. The same situation also applies to Stonehenge, the whole plain was an open grassland, according to the environmental report undertaken for English Heritage.

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I read that Seahenge was

I read that Seahenge was built of Oak... It would make sense for Woodhenge to be built of the same... plut the age of the momument indicates that Oak or Alder may be the only woods tough enough to last!


Woodhenge, which wood?

Does anyone know which wood Woodhenge was built from?