'Druid Grave Discovered in the UK?'


In the news a 'Druid Grave Discovered in the UK?' Click here for this off site web resource.

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 CalonDdraig, I may be able to offer some research leads. I will pm you.

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Druid Surgery

This chimes in nicely with a television programme that I saw only about a couple of years ago on the 'Beeb' about Celts and their movements into Britain. Somewhere in the south of England archaeologists had found, amongst other things, nine skulls of people who had obviously undergone brain surgery. From the way the skulls had healed they ascertained that SIX of them had a pretty good chance of survival while the other three poor buggers had almost certainly 'snuffed it' which makes for a survival rate of 66 per cent!!!Tongue out. Hundreds of years later this was reduced to a miserly 2 to 3 per cent!Cry What does this tell us? DRUID apparently knew best!

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Druid Surgery

I find it very interesting that surgical instruments were found here... That gives weight to the fact that the Druids were indeed educated, and beyond that fine physicians capable of a high level of medical skill. Mag.Dr Raimund Karl of the University of Wales, Bangor, and University of Vienna, suggests that survival rate of surgery performed by Iron Age Britons was in fact higher than 16th Century surgery elsewhere[1]. That's an amazing fact.

I'd be very interested in reading a comprehensive study of Iron-Age British medicine if anyone's done one... the Celtic tradition of herbalism holds particular interest and I intend to do my thesis on The Physicians of Myddfai and the relevance of their writings in a modern healthcare setting.

Lecture to Friends of Bangor Museum, 2005