Sue Wade article in the online edition of the Portsmouth News in Hampshire, reports on activities undertaken there recently as a sword is given up.

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Origin: http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/Druid-hands-over-sword-in.3980531.jp

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I agree to a point with what

I agree to a point with what you say
Spirit Bear Tribe, but there are a couple of things to consider here...
one is that it's in debate whether the Druids bore weaponry such as
swords at all... archaeologically there's more evidence that they bore
surgical tools than swords.Smile

But to look at it from a more warrior-like path which fits in with a
good deal of druidic philosophy is this: If your sword, in this case,
is so precious both as a tool and a symbol, then surely making the
sacrifice of it is a supreme sacrifice indeed, one that the sacrificer
has set a lot of store by, and in this case I know of no more profound
cause than peace... surely that's worth making sacrifice for?

yn yr ysbryd heddychol,


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What this person has done

What this person has done is stupid. I'm sorry, we are Celts! these are our religious items showing our honour for our ancestors. and any true druid wouldn't need to hand in their weapon for fear of it being used as a weapon. Does this Merlin person feel he could be a threat? we do not use our swords aggressively, they are used as ceremonial items! Should it be that Sikhs have to hand in their religions knives? NO! what theis merlin person ahs done is to set a precendence that religious rights can now be taken from everyone!

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