Arunachala Hill & Temple of Shiva India


What This Image Means To Me...: Arunachala Hill is near the city of Tiruvanmalai-Tamil Nadu- south India. The leyend says that while gods Brahma and Shiva were fighting the latter out of rage sent a ray down to earth and hence produced the hill. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva can be seen in this photo too.It is said this hill is one of the few pieces of land never have been submerged.It's geologically very old indeed and a site of pilgrimage for hindus since the begining of times. Near is the ashram (monastery)of Sri Ramana Maharshi the great hindu guru who left his body in 1950 and is considered one the greatest contemporary spiritual teachers of India. I've been there and the site is awesome, it's got an awesome amount of energy that makes you feel so good and happy and at peace as never in your life before!!!Hope you enjoy the photo & info.....


Re: Arunachala Hill & Temple of Shiva India

Hi Florence , what  a beautiful picture!  and i love the matching cloud , would love to visit someday , Thankyou! .