A Druid is Born

'An interview with Christina McCarthy.Author of the newly published book, A Druid Born. Release date 1st October 2007. ISBN: 9781863682954. Fremantle Press. Interviewer undertaken by Peter.' Playtime 13 mins.

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Only one in stock - must be

Only one in stock - must be popular! Good on you Christina!

I'll order my copy when my pay packet comes inWink Hopefully they won't have sold out by then!

available from Australian

available from Australian Online Bookshop www.bookworm.com.au

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I too am an adult reader,

I too am an adult reader, and so far what I've heard of the book (and its author!) from this interview really turns me on... sounds like a great read.

I really do hope that an international publishing house gets hold of it and it becomes available in the UK - I'd be the first down the library asking for it!

happy listener and reader

I enjoyed this podcast and like Peter, I am an adult reader who is looking forward to the next book in this series.