Llyn Du'r Arddu


Folklore surrounding Llyn Du'r Arddu in North Wales





Llyn Du'r Arddu, lake of the dark heights is situated below Colgwyn Coch ridge at 579 meters above sea level, on the north side of yr Wyddfa, Snowdon. Viewed on the ascent towards the summit. The colour of the lake derives from the copper deposits in the area. the lake is steeped in local legend as its from here that a fairy emerged and returned to the underworld.

Originally she was to marry a mortal but the taboo associated which allowed this to occur. Concerned she was not to be struck three times by any metal. When her mortal partner assisted her onto a horse, the metal sturups touched her three times which resulted to her being pulled back into the Llyn D'ur Arddu.

The story itself has similarities to that which surrounds Llyn y fan fach in South Wales, which also deals with a female from the underworld.

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