Wisdom of Rhiannon


The Wisdom of Rhiannon: The Prophecy is a multifaceted adventure which can be utilised on several levels. It can be read as a story, or alternatively as a journey through the landscape of Wales, which comes to life, as one searches for a specific cauldron. An excellent resource which is being shared here by Llewellyn ap Dafydd with the Druidic Dawn Community.

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Eadha Deora's picture

well done

I love this website. It is full of story-telling and brings my imagination to life, as well as my sense of journey and fun! :) Well done, da iawn i chi!

Problems purchasing the book

Hi Llewellyn

Three times I have tried to purchase your book through Lulu on line and three times I've failed. I get as far as filling in my email address and creating a password, then pressing Save and Continue. At that point it simply cuts out on me. - Elkie