You are hereby invited to submit your artistic work to the Stonehenge Eisteddfod 2008.


Saturday, 21 June, 2008, 1pm start, at the George Hotel Amesbury, Wiltshire, near Stonehenge

You are hereby invited to submit your artistic work to the Stonehenge Eisteddfod.

Prizes will be awarded for original and creative works in the following categories:

1. Poetry
2. Songs and Music
3. Storytelling
4. Theatre and performance arts
5. Dance
6. Writing (fiction - on Druidic, Bardic and Pagan themes)
7. Writing (non-fiction - on Druidic, Bardic and Pagan themes)
8. Best website design (on Druidic, Bardic, Pagan and community development themes)
9. Social and community development projects
10 Fine art, painting, sculpture, craft works, fashion, design

The 2008 Overall theme is that of Peace, and we would ask contestants to bear this in mind when submitting their work. The prizes for written works are awarded annually for creative and original contributions to the growing store of literature relating specifically to the Druidic and Bardic traditions, rather than general works of literature or scholarship, since
there are many other general literary prizes elsewhere around the UK and the world. The overall best entry (from any category) will be presented the Holy Grail Award 2008.

If you haven't had time to submit a creative work in advance, don't worry - just turn up and share you bardic, poetic or artistic skills, for one of our runner-up prizes. All creative artists, poets, musicians, and bards are welcome to come along to the George Hotel and join the Stonehenge Eisteddfod for 2008 celebrations, but only work submitted in advance can be entered for the major prizes (so try again for next year !).

Non-entrants are welcome to attend the event as observers and to help make this an Eisteddfod to remember ! This is the first annual event re-establishing this ancient Eisteddfod which we believe will have figured as part of the ancient Midsummer celebrations at Stonehenge right back in the bronze and Neolithic ages. A recent National Geographic documentary and
magazine cover explores the archaeological reasons for Stonehenge being there. Our belief is that it was a monument of creativity, raised not so much to celebrate the dead, as the Ancestors, and ultimately the People, the Gods, and our own creativity. What better way of celebrating Midsummer at Stonehenge, then, that by participating in an Eisteddfod commemorating the artistic genius of all of us ! Please therefore come along prepared to read poetry, sing a song, dance a dance, speak a prayer, or whatever. If you wish to book a performance slot it would be helpful to text / call Thomas Daffern on 07951 600959 beforehand, or email up to 24 hours before the event. The Eisteddfod is being organised by the Order of Peace Poets, Bards and Druids, and the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy - see

Amesbury, England, Esteddford, Stonehenge, Wiltshire,
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