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History of the BMDO

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History of the Black Mountain Druid Order.


Pwyll meets Rhiannon


The tale of how Pwyll met Rhiannon from the first branch of the Mabinogi.



Song of Taliesin

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"This recording of "The Song of Taliesin" is everything we have dreamed it would be and we are truly excited about it. It is a beautifully packaged double CD which also includes Steve's performance of Taliesin's most... Read More...

Into the Valley

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A presentation of the use of Stories from within the Celtic Tradition. Presented by Brian Walsh from New Tara at the Canadian Celtic Gathering 2009.

Playtime 58 minutes


Arthurian Landscape

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Arthur, Warrior-King, man, legend, myth. The Arthurian Landscape, Glastonbury.

This audio is part of the collection: Open Source Audio

Artist/Composer: Gordon...

Nigel talks about the Celtic Gathering 2009


Thunderbird talks to Nigel about the Celtic Gathering 2009, held in Ontario, Canada and the myriad of opportunities it offers attendees. 


Celtic Gathering Canada 2009


Celtic Gathering 2009, Ontario, Canada. Promotion Audio.


Elf Child


I live in a forest in this beautiful house in the woods. As a Druid, ofcourse, trees and elves matter a lot to me. Trees are alive, so are elves, we are all equal beings, as long as we have compassion for each other. You can go to my website Read More...

Khatar Song


This song is really about the Khatars, who were killed, men, women, and children by the crusaders because they believed that God is in their hearts, and, like the Druids, they believed that God is tree, stone, man, all living beings... you can also... Read More...

My Powerful Place


This is an invocation of place and the track is from my new CD "My Faery Child" channeled harp music LILCD0202, which you can buy by contacting me on

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