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Barmoor July 2014; Northern Druidry, Weekend Retreat

Northern Druidry, Weekend Retreat, Barmoor July 2014, Hutton-le-Hole (near Ryedale) on the North Yorkshire moors.


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Druidry - A Beginners guide

Druidry - A Beginners guide - part one

Published on Nov 18, 2012

For reasons too involved to go into, I...

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Druids...Kirsti Chapman

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History of Britain Rise and Fall of the Druids

History of Britain Rise and Fall of the Druids BBC Documentary playtime 48.45

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Modern Druids

'ADF Documentary on Druidry, Druidic practice, and the origins/future of ADF.'...BuccaneerPictures72

Playtime 20.42...

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OBOD Mount Haemus Lectures, Salisbury, 29th September 2012

"The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids grants a scholarship each year for original research in Druidism and related...

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Druidry and Transpersonal History - Part 1

"Dr. Thomas C. Daffern is a philosopher, historian, and religious studies specialist. He was awarded his PhD from the...

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Autumn Equinox Celebration 2012 Prehistoric Calendar

'Today at 08:00 am - Celebration of Autumn Equinox - (astro arqueolgia) In the Solar Calendar Rock Sanctuary of Stone...

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Summer Solstice 2012: the movie

No Copyright Infringement Intended! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of...

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Kris y Pagan

'Pagan author Kristoffer Hughes on Welsh national tv.'...bodorgan

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