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Rhys Trimble

"Rhys Trimble performing in final of the John Tripp award for spoken poetry 2009

Rhys Trimble yn pherfformio yn rownd...

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Traditional Invocation

Traditional Invocation from Galicia's Celtic Spain.

Playtime 2.08 minutes

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2011 West Coast Eisteddfod in Hollywood

"The 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod: Welsh Festival of Arts at the Barnsdall Art Park - Beginning the evening outside of the...

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The Dagda's Harp

"Long ago, long before St. Patrick or the Gaels or even the ancient Milesians make their names renowned on Ireland's...

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KameraKazi Shoots Con Connor - Part 1: Slí an Druí

'A long way from the common perceptions of Pagans as devil-worshipping, earth-humping, human-sacrificing miscreants who live...

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OBOD Eisteddfod 2011: Damh the Bard & Friends

Damh the Bard & Fiends Live at the OBOD Assembly Eisteddfod, Glastonbury 2011

Damb the Bard:

Massimo & Paul Newman

Massimo & Paul Newman Live at the OBOD Assembly Eisteddfod, Glastonbury 2011

Paul Newman: