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Druids & English Magic

Not quite a video but an audio recording of.....


Date: 11-20-10

Host: Ian...

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A Druid's Staff

'This is the staff that Daven uses in his rituals. Take a look and find out what everything is and why its there.


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A Gift for Ireland

Composed as a gift for Ireland, in the voice of the Welsh Bardic Tradition, towards building a bridge between the lands, and...

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Druid Garden - Sage

'SAGE - Ben Sorensen's DRUIDS GARDEN 001

This is the first Druids Garden video segment on SAGE.

Druids Garden...

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Wild Wood Ways

'Wild Wood Ways, the Isle of Wight conservation and education project.'...wightdruid

Playtime 4.56 minutes

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Druidry in Australia.

A video which embraces the landscape with various commentaries by Australian Druids’.

Druidic Dawn would like to...

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Tree at the Center

'A Mindful Ecotherapy meditation. The Tree at the Center focuses on reconnecting with nature at a deep...

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Introduction to the order of Bards Ovates and Druids

'A short introduction to the work of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids'...hutonthehill

Playtime: 8.40 minutes

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Robin Williamson - A Tale of the Deeds of the Tuatha De Danaan - Megalithomania 2009

' - Filmed at the Megalithomania Conference in Glastonbury on 23rd May 2009 by...

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Druids And Druidism (part 1 of 3)

'E. Raymond Capt study lecture.'...StarOfJacob

Playtime: 10.01 minutes

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