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Sarah May Reverence and a Noisy Experiment at Silbury Hill - Part 1

'Sarah May English Heritage Reverence and a Noisy Experiment at Silbury Hill - Part 1. Lecture at the Acoustics and Music of...

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Silbury Hill from the BBC

'BBC News item about the re-filling of Silbury October 07'...edmundtrebus
Playtime: 2.29 minutes

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Silbury Hill

'Silbury Hill is the largest man-made mound in Europe.
Silbury Hill apparently contains no burial or shrine, and was...

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The Sanctuary at Avebury, stone phase

'The Sanctuary at Avebury, Stone Phase. This video shows the inner and outer stone circles at the Sanctuary, Avebury, and...

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The Sanctuary at Avebury Wood and Stone Phase (part two).

'The Sanctuary at Avebury. More video of the proposed wood and stone phase. Includes...

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The Sanctuary at Avebury (wood and stone phase - part one)

'Reconstruction of the Sanctuary at Avebury (stone and timber phase).' ...digitaldigging

Playtime 1.28...

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Windmill Hill - Avebury Project

'Presented by Phil Harding, best known for this appearances on Time Team, this video outlines the story of Wiltshire in the...

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Eulogy for Isaac - by Rev. Ian Corrigan

'This eulogy for Isaac Bonewits is given by Rev. Ian Corrigan at the ADF Memorial Service held at the Summerland Festival on...

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Druidry and Peace

Druidry and Peace: Towards a Manifesto for Global Wisdom

"Dr. Thomas C. Daffern, philosopher, teacher, historian and...

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Intervista Philip Carr Gomm

Interview with Philip Carr Gomm

Presented in the medium of English with Italian sub titles.

Recorded live...

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