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Newgrange - A Dream of Angus Oge by George Russell

"These are words from George William Russell's 'A Dream of Angus Oge' (1897), penned before it was discovered in the...

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King Arthur's Summer Solstice

King Arthurs poems written and narrated by King Arthur Pendragon.
King Arthur Pendragon, crowned 'Raised Druid King of...

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Maeve's Cairn, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Huge, spectacular burial mound.

'A clip from the DVD 'Standing with Stones'. More info at:

Crack Cave's equinox dawn discovery

'Ogham inscriptions were found in June 1984 on the wall of a crevasse in a southeastern Colorado sandstone bluff. Their...

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Lughnasad at Sun Temple observatory

'Speculation of a rare triple planetary alignment in the Gemini Constellation carved in stone in 471 is all the more...

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Summer Solstice at Compass Cave 2007

'The northernmost cove in Oklahoma's Anubis Cave complex features an enigmatic compass rosette on its floor that portrays...

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Stanton Drew - ancient stone circles in Somerset, England

'Gordon Strong (Stanton Drew boffin) talks about the stones, their history and their spiritual connections.

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Megalithic Spain - the Domens (Burial Chambers) of Antequera

Playtime 5.0 minutes

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Carnac & Morbihan: Megaliths & Sacred Sites

Strolling the Alignements du Menec at Carnac

'Carnac has the world's greatest concentration of megalithic sites erected between 5000 BC and 3500 BC. An Alignment...

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