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'Loss of Ireland's Spirit'


The recent events concerning the construction of a New motorway through the Tara Valley have recieved the support of the Nobel laureate, Seamus Heaney who describes this as being the 'March of the Celtic Tiger' To read more as published in the Times newspaer from David Sharrock, Ireland Correspondent the offsite link is

"Seamus Heaney laments loss of Ireland’s ancient spirit to onward march of the Celtic Tiger."

'Grave Enchants Archaeologists'


The recent excavation of a possible Druid Grave in Essex reported on the Discovery website, has hit the media again, with some additional information. This time reported in the Spiegel Online International under the title of 'Possible Druid Grave Enchants Archaeologists by Angelika Franz. If one in interested in archaeology, related links attached to this article are available from various other parts of Europe to other discoveries.

This links open in a seperate window click here 'Possible Druid Grave Enchants Archaeologists'

'Druid Grave Discovered in the UK?'


In the news a 'Druid Grave Discovered in the UK?' Click here for this off site web resource.

'The Forces of Nature'


An interesting article has been posted on the New Statesman website concerning a personal perspective of 'The Forces of Nature' in respect to Druidry. To view this resource click on this off site link.

An indigenous culture is accorded the respect it deserves


On February 13 2008, a monumental historical event took place in Canberra, Australia, when the newly elected Prime Minister formally apologized to the First Nation Peoples for the suffering that has been inflicted on them by previous governments and policies.

Earth Hour: Our Environment - Devolution


A slide show depicting the pollution evolution across our planet!!! From the Toronto Star!

Tara Watch


Whats happening at Tara, an ancient site located in Co. Meath, Ireland; be informed via the 'Tara Watch' a comprehensive web resource!

Heritage Action


'Ordinary people caring for extraordinary places'  Heritage Action share their publication The Heritage Journal, with our community.

International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy


'Dr Thomas Daffern is a philosopher, historian, transpersonal theorist, druid and poet, who has been teaching comparative philosophy, religious studies and the history of Ideas since 1985 and is director of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy.

Open letter to the Druids of North America


An open letter from the Avalon Druid Order, regarding sacred sites of North america, is shared here with the Global Druidic Community.

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