The Fatal Peat Ember

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'A traditional fairy story from the Isle of Skye, originally collected by W.Y Evans-Wentz in the early part of the twentieth century, and which was published in his book "The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries." It includes references to the... Read More...

The Great Red Dragon Of Wales

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Another fairy tale to brighten the grey winter that surrounds us this winter!

These are classic stories collected by William Elliot Griffis. The text
is available at

The Boy That Visited Fairyland

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Thought I'd post a little something I found - hope it brightens up your weekend!

These are classic stories collected by William Elliot Griffis. The text
is available at

Druidic Dawn

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Druidic Dawn audio relating to the features which are presently available on this "social enterprise" website.


Playtime: 1.08 minutes


Watch the Wheel


Watch The Wheel signifies how the annual turning of the wheel is shown to us, if we choose to watch it.

Imbolc, for me, is probably the most significant individual point in the wheel's travel, as it brings noticeably longer days (even though... Read More...

Interview with the Trinity Grove, Edinburgh.


A Druidic Dawn interview with Bishop Alistair Bates of the Trinity Grove, a Christian Druid Grove covering areas of their ceremonies, relationship to the land and workshops.

Playtime: 17.26 minutes

Further information from:-


Midsummer Selkie Meditation


Eadha Deora shares a short meditation to honour the People of the Sea, the Selkies at Midsummer, which is the traditional time they come ashore seeking lovers amoung Humans. Includes a Traditional Gaelic Song "Ionn Da" often referred to as... Read More...

Phillip Carr-Gomm


A Druidic Dawn interview with Phillip Carr-Gomm, Chosen chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) who shares how Druidry has influenced his life from the early years to the present.

More information about the Order of Bards Ovates...

Pronunciation of Names in the Mabinogi


A rough 25 minute guide how to correctly pronounce main character's names from the Mabinogi, the largest and best known cohesive body of stories in Welsh Tradition. Eadha Deora discusses the relevance of this beforehand, and... Read More...

Merlins Wisdom

A Druidic Dawn interview with the three facilitators of Merlins Wisdom, at Castle Combe, Wiltshire.
The course organisers John, Julian and Wil...
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