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Astrocelt cyber grove is primarily centred in understanding a concept of Welsh Druidry. It has a leaning bias towards archaeological, historical and traditional records. Combined with practical involvement with the outside world perceived and labelled nature.

How this is individual perceived and worked into a 21st century Druid practice is dependant on the individual understanding and unification of the information, within the landscape. This understanding assists to unite together the practical illusion worlds described as Annfwn, Abred and Gwynfydd together in harmony, albeit within a psychological concept of inner mental understanding.

This understanding real or otherwise also leads towards the unification of all diversities of modern Druid associations, groups or orders.  Subsequently the secondary object of the Astrocelt cyber grove is to build and maintain an open source of Druidry.

This source will celebrate the diversities and individualities of Druidry in the 21st century world electronically. It is accessible to everyone, whether a solitary path worker, a grove or seed group affiliated to any of the prominent orders on the World Wide Web.Overall it’s an individual attempt to bring about a better understanding of a personal perspective of the known world. To accomplish such a task has led this inquirer onto many pathways. There could be some information within, which could be relative to the site visitor, own inquiry.

The Astrocelt Cyber Grove has no objections if other sites wish too freely link with this website, particularly when dispensing and sharing knowledge. Yet it's requested, correct referencing is utilised, when using specific quoted texts. 



Last update Tuesday, May 15, 2007


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