Archaeastronomy - Merioneth


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 Archaeastronomy - Merioneth


Alignments between monuments and celestal constelations or even stars have been credited by various authorities over the years. Ever since Norman Locker brought it to the attention in the early 20th century it has instigated a lot of controversy and debate. Nonetheless, recent academic published articals at the end of the century, has slowly and tentatively acknowledged within prehistory and pre literate societies; the main planets the Sun and the Moon were indeed observed and their movement were noted. The tables presented here relates to specific monuments within Merioneth.


Astronomy Data
Moel Ty Ucha    Deneb and Sun     Thorn  Megalithic Remans in Britian 1967
Tyfos    Sun 118.6  -12.7 Thorn  Megalithic Remans in Britian 1967
Ynys Hir    Sun 126.5 +21.7 Thorn  Megalithic Remans in Britian 1967
Last Updated 2003


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