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Bodowyr, Brynsiencyn Neolithic burial chamber 4th- 3rd millennium BC
  According to the official signpost when approaching Bodowyr it states that this is a communal burial chamber, along with a suggested entrance to the east. However, it appears this site has never been evacuated. When researching through various additions of Cambernsis Archaeolgia. Although it's described as the smallest and best preserved in 1846 within a published article titled "Mona Medieva". The society met in August 1846 and undertook a field trip to here. Where Mr Clark explains its position within a ploughed field yet, no sign of any covering has been reported. But parallels were drawn to similar sites near by, in this instant Bryn Celli Ddu, was also known as yr ogof (cave or cavern.)


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This page first appeared on Bangor University Students Archaeology website 2001

Last up dated March 26, 2007