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The University of Wales Bangor under the direction of Leslie Alcock during the years 1961-1966 excavated the site of Degannwy. The earliest evidence of occupation came from pottery recovered. Subsequently it has been dated to the early 2 AD. Although it has raised questions that an Iron Age Hill fort having been in the area. Evidence was uncovered from the 5th and 6th Century, this revealed an amphorae of east Mediterranean origin. Moreover, this form of trade was a common phenomena as collaborative evidence is available in the south and west of Britain even before the Roman Invasion.


Traditionally the site have been asscociated with Mealgwyn Gwynedd court, an upserger and tyrant acording to Gildas. It is where stories place Taliesin at the eisteddfod in c. 540, completing to release Elfin. Then again he did have an advantage as Mealgwyn made the harp players swim across the river Conwy with there instruments!


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