Lligwy Burial Chamber

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East enterance of the Burial Chamber, Photo May 1998 Photo Essay


The Lligwy burial chamber is dated between to c. 2500-2000BC. The monument was excavated in 1909

Archaeo-astronomy data

Sir Norman Locker and Rev. John Griffiths surveyed the site the results published in Nature July1908. It was deduced that the entrance faced east and was aligned towards the Equinox. The following table 1 reproduces the results published.

Azimuth  S 88° E
 Declination   1° S 50'
Lligwy Table 1

Interestingly Rev John Griffiths in an earlier publication of surveys undertaken attribute an outstanding stone. The terminology would deduce at first sight that an associated stone is connected to the chamber. From the survey a relationship to "clock stars" were calculated to Capella, c. 1400 BC and Arcturus c. 1200BC. The survey results in table 2.


Magnetic North  280°
 Reversed Bearing   28°
 True North   10°
 Hill   0.5°
 Azimuth   N 10° E
 Declination   36° 15'
Lligwy Table 2

Further measurements were taken from the left opening stone, and given from within the chamber, table 3.

Magnetic North 110°
True North   92°
Sea Horizon Azimuth   S 88° E
Declination   1° 50' S

Lligwy Table 3

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