Maen Llwyd

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Maen Llwyd

Early Antiquarians explored the area around the base of this stone in 1875, its likely to have been under the direction of Mr Wyn Williams the Rev. of Bodewyd. It was reported to have been explored a distance of three feet (1m) from the base, to a depth of two foot six inches (76cm). A layer of calcimined bone mix with charred wood, along with fragments of an urn was recovered. The urn is thought to have been the container for this mix in1875. Re-evaluation has been carried out by A.H Williams who revealed Maen Llwyd yielded "burnt bones and a plain fragmented urn, which was apparently a Bronze Age burial" (Williams 1941). This is further supported that cremated bones and an urn were recovered from the 3m standing stone (Lynch 1995). However Standing Stones and human cremations associations are rare although others have come to light recently.

Maen Llwyd was originally situated within the estate of Glenllifon which has its early historic origins in the 14th century. However within the letter dated 1875; Mr Wynn informs Mr Wyn Williams of an old tradition which speaks of Gwydion ap Don, who is reputed to have been buried under this stone. However this is incorrect according to the stanaza of the Graves. As the triplet from Beddau Milwyr indicate that the grave of Gorgoffris son Gwynwyn is sited between two rivers bring the Llanllifni to the south and Llynfai to the north. Nonetheess this stone now stands in private property.

When considering the adjacent areas where this stone stands, it's overall steeped in Gwynedd oral tradition. Additionally some of which also forms part of a book or associated branch within the the Mabinogio. Suppositions and conjectures could easily arise, where oral tradition has its roots in the Neolithic/Bronze Age.

Last updated April 2, 2005

Original 2001


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