Y Ffor Gromlech


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Y Ffor Gromlech

Although the site of Y Ffor Gromlech was reported on in 1923 where it was described as having a fallen capstone, which rested on two smaller supports. These may well have been those which form the enterance to the chamber today which faces eighty degrees from North. It appears to align with Garnedd Goch in the distance on the Nantlle ridge.


Recent investigations undertaken by Glyne Daniel in Archaeologia Cambrensis 1934. Revealled little evidence of any archaeological remains. However the stones were resited into concrete together with the capstone reinstated. However the site has been classified as being from the Neolithic.



Elfed Gruffydd, records an oral tradition which relates the cromlech is the burial place of Rydderch Hael. This is also suggested by Thomas Jones in the 'Stanzas of the Graves'. However it more than likely this became associated with the ancestors of the North when the bards where trying to understand the landscape when such associations fell into the tradition. It is quite different to the prophecy given by St. Columba of Iona when asked by Rydderch on how he would meet his death.

Original August 16th, 2003

Last Updated March 10th 2006


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