Ystum Cegid Isaf

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 Ystum Cegid Isaf

Ystum Cegid Isaf is a short walk from Cefn Isaf over the ridge and accross a small river. Ystum Cegid Isaf is a passage grave which is now incorporated within a dry stone boundary wall. There was an enterance from the northern side through a passage to the main chamber supported with five upright stones. However today this passage is incorporated into the field wall and is difficult to distinguish without a trained eye. Nonetheless this passage was current in 1769 when the monument was drawn and recorded by Farrington which showed an additional capstone over the passage straching over 10 feet or 3 metres from the main chamber. Interesting there is quite a variation of the cap stone thickness used when compared to Cefn Isaf. As far as one is aware no archaeological investigation or excavaton has occured on the site but the site has been recorded in the survey of ancient monuments within the area. A paper which appeared in "Nature" in the early 20th Century, when various site where surveyed for astronomical aligments relative to neolithic monuments. The survey undertaken by Norman Locker associated the rising of Plaidies in 1400 BC to Ystum Cegid Isaf. More recently Francies Lynch has undertaken an extensive report on the mounment gathering together all the past data which has been published in Cambernisis Archaeologia 2001.


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