Dinas Bran

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 Dinas Bran

Entering Mid Wales from the boarder of England will bring the traveler into the vale of Llangollen. Dinas Bran raises up from the valley floor clearly as one proceeds along their way towards the town. It is also the present day home of the International Music Eisteddfod. Some could well pass through, while others may stop to climb Dinas Bran, or listen to the music that fills the valley during the summer months of July. The town once thrived within an enclosure of collen coed, a hazel wood in times gone by. Llangollen and Dinas Bran are inter-linked through folklore; its story unfolds concerning the establishment of the Llan or enclosure. The Llan eventually becomes associated to a church, in this particular case it's dedicated to St. Collen

By establishing a church the old beliefs become dismissed and removed as the two different concepts of traditional and christian magic battle it out with each other. The oral and later recorded story of the meeting, which took place on, Dinas Bran between St. Collen and Gwyn ap Nudd recorded by George arrow during his travels in 1845. On Dinas Bran, St Collen was welcomed to a banquette given by Gwyn ab Nudd, although he refused to take part in this. Although they exchange pleasantries, St Collen also refused the offer too preside along side Gwyn ab Nudd. Eventually St Collen sprinkling holy water over him and his attendances. Thus leaving St Collen standing silently alone, on top of Dinas Bran, situated above the hazel wood in Dyfrdwy vale.

This story appears to suggest and even imply the willingness of the existence two spiritual paths, both the old and the new being able to coexist together, in balance and harmony. The new order may appear not to share the same thoughts; indeed each had their own magic as illustrated in the use of the water, reputed to have vanquishing the old ways. The victor began to establish the "Celtic" church at Llangollen, until it too gave way to additional spiritual paths, which followed.

While the memory of the event is shrouded in time and mystery it places the event on Dinas Bran; or the city of Bran perhaps, even the city of the Raven. It still lingers on in folk memory where it's said to have connections to annwfn where Gwyn ab Nudd the king of the Tyweth Teg is known to the fairy people. Dinas Bran also becomes connected in later centuries as the possible place for the Grail and later Arthurian Legends, according to some writers.

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