Goronwy Owen


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Goronwy Owen 1723-1769

Poetic ability was awakened by Lewis Morris and subsequently produced "Cywdd y farn fawr - Lay of the last judgement." His poetry was compared with that produced by Dafydd ab Gwilym. Excepted as a master of his craft by Lewis Morris Revive the Bardic school of writing and welsh classic metres (p160) Goronwy was a product of the circulating schools and attended Friars in Bangor. Latter to be admitted into Jesus College, where he became ordained as deacon in 1742. Taught at Oswestry Grammer School and married the widow Ellen Hughes.

1748 teaching at Donnington in Shropshire.

1755 appointed secretary of the Cymmrodorion Society at the time he held the position of a curacy at Northolt in Middlesex.


1758 Goronwy moved to USA, where he took a position at William and Mary College at Williamsburg, Virginia. A post that he held for two years. However, his wife Ellen died on the outward voyage.

1760 became a minister of St Andrews church at Brunswick country

1769 died and ruptured to have been buried on his plantation.


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