John Bradford


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John Bradford 1706-1785


Originally from Bradford on Avon in the early 17th century, his father Richard Bradford more than likely moved to Y Pandy, Betws tir Iarall, Glamorgan. He was a craftsman and a weaver, and fuller, his son John carried on the family trade. When John was growing up he paid particular attention to the local bardic traditions, and started to collect manuscripts. He too became a prominent contributor to the literal revival in the early 1700's and corresponded with Lewis Morris. Although he did became involved with the Cymmrodorion society in London. John Bradford is indicated to be involved in the religious controversies during his time. Edward Williams also gleaned information from him and was one of his pupils. After his death in 1785 and seven years later in 1792 IoIo was promoting his bardic system.


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