Lewis Mon 1487-1527

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Lewis Mon 1487-1527
Lewis Môn as his name implies derived from ynys mon, Anglesey, an active bard with surviving poems both to the rising Gentry of the period. There are those also to other bards. Overall he was a participant in the Caerwys Esteddfod 1567, where he won the highest dergee for his poetry along with William Llyn, Owen Gwynedd and Simwnt Fychan. It is interesting to note two of these bards were taught by Tudur Aled. Where as Owen Gwynedd and Simwnt Fychan is the pupil of Gruffudd Hiraethog (d.1564). During this period and subsequent to the Carmarthen affair North East Wales become very active in retaiing the Bardic tradition. Indeed it appears through docummentation that it became its main Bardic area or centre retaining the Bardic arts during the period. Although letter documentation coming from the south could well suggest a supposition the tradition became hidden from view in that area as a result of this. Interestingly Lewis Mon also held a different tradition concerning Arainrhod fach Don. Yet at the same time, Olwen aka Niwelan was the wife of Gwalchmai


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Original September 15, 2003

Last Updated August 2006