Tudur Aled 1465-1525


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 Tudur Aled (1465-1525)
Head of Bardic Order 1530-1525

Tudur Aled was a puipil of Dafyd ab Edmwt, He received his first degree at the Marriage feast in the hall of Ieuan ap Dayfdd ab Ithel Fychan at Northop Clwyd. His staus became confirmed later when he was the chaired as pencredd poet at Aberffoo before the 1523 eisteddfod at Caerwys. Tudur Aled composed an elegy to Ithel fychan of Llaneugain in Flintshire. In which he states he received the knowledge of the 'three memories.' These are later described by John Jones of Gellilyfdy in the early part of the 17th century as being the noble acts of the kings and princes of Wales, keeping in mind the Welsh language and the genealogies of the nobility of the Welsh, their arms and land.


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